Is it possible to convert multiple html pages into a pdf with DPI set to 300 and a custom page size of 8.25in x 11in with a gutter margin?

Added by Jeff Flesher over 4 years ago

I have hundreds of HTML files I need to convert to a pdf for a book usable by Amazon or Lulu, the HTML has css that needs to be converted as well, it has images, and links, and currently I am using wkhtmltopdf, but I can not get the DPI to 300, and the pdf version is rather old, so I am looking for a better way to make my PDF files, and I also need to set a custom page size of 8.25in x 11in, and set the gutter margin to .875, currently wkhtmltopdf sets all margins the same, and that is ugly, I am on Linux Manjaro, and have used Wt of years, just not since 4 came out, which broke my 3 app, no big deal, did not feel like upgrading it at the time, it served the same static HTML pages that I now need to convert to pdf, so I need to update or better yet just start from scratch, but now I am out of date with what is new in 4 and how to use it, but I want to know if they can be done, before I start to work on this project, it seems that if it could, someone would have written an app that does this, and I could not find one, so I thought I would ask first. This new app I want, will take a list of HTML files, and convert them into one pdf file, very basic, just set the custom page size, DPI to 300, and have it deal with the CSS, it has JavaScript that runs in wkhtmltopdf, it only changes css attributes, so its not really needed anymore since I decided that was not the best way to do that, but I would like to know if it allows this type of interaction, just in case I want to use it.

If this is possible do you have an example to get me in the right direction?