Reset id for html style class wt-tv-c for colums on WTableView

Added by robs j 22 days ago

I like to know if there is a method to reset the column id counter in WTableView that will generate the html class id
I use a Model/View System with a derived WStandardItemModel wt.3.3.10.
After the first time of setting data the created class column id's are like wt-tv-c1, wt-tv-c2 for the first, second and so on. See WAbstractItemView.C line 202 std::string WAbstractItemView::ColumnInfo::styleClass() const { "Wt-tv-c" appended id
Then I want to reload the derived Model trying pModel->clear(); pModel->(WAbstractItemView::)setModel with an empty WStandardItemModel; pModel->insertColumns(0,n); pModel->setHeaderData(0,"c1"); finally added WStandardItems to the root item via appendRow(items).
But it does not work for me.
I use selenium/python to check the generated html Code e.g. driver.find_element_by_xpath("(//div[starts-with(@id, 'm_table_')][1]//div[@class='Wt-tv-c1']/div[starts-with(@id, 't_')])[1]")
Do I really have to delete my derived WTableView or did I miss a method?