WContainerWidget and Drag/Drop

Added by Nick Tan 21 days ago

Hi all,

My application has a base and opens up a WDialog. I followed this tutorial I found online about drag and drop (https://youtu.be/Nh8HCYZxdO8?t=2886) and it doesn't really work for my case.
Issue 1: Drag drop items always gets added to the last child. This occurs both with and without the custom class that he implemented.
Issue 2: I'm not able to drag it to another container like how this person did even after doing setDraggable() and acceptDrops()

Observation: Once I drag the items out and hold it, the Z-index of the item actually goes below the WDialog and I will only see those once I move my cursor out of the WDialog box. Could this be the case of CSS/JS and not allowing me to drop the item wherever I want?

My code is about 90% similar to the one in the tutorial video with the exception of the base being a WDialog and some other minor differences.

Would appreciate any kind of reference or help.