Wt Application Proxy for remote Wt Applictation

Added by John Robertson 17 days ago

Greetings folks,

I have a need to use <iframe>'s to display to the Internet some web applications which are running behind a firewall. The application which shall present the <iframe> is a Wt application running on the Internet server, and this server can connect to addresses behind the firewall. Initially I set up a port forward using the SSH client running on the Internet server, and it works fine if you type the URL (which has a different port) into a client browser, eg:


However, if you place this URL into an <iframe> supplied from the Internet server, most client browser X-Frame-Options policy will disallow this and any URL which is not "same origin". The only approach I can think of is to implement an HTTP proxy within the Internet server's Wt application. While WResource looks promising, I'm not sure how to pass the HTTP header to the remote web application, and then pass back an unmolested HTTP reply to the client web browser. Do I need to hack the Wt source code? Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

John Robertson.