Errors Building wt 4.3.1

Added by Jim Jurkovich 3 months ago

I downloaded wt 4.3.1 to my Linux box and tried building using the commands from the build directory I created under /var/wt-4.3.1
cmake ../ -DBOOST_DIR=/var/boost_1_73_0

When I get to the module WModelIndex.C I am getting multiple instances of 'redeclaration'
One example is:

[ 27%] Building CXX object src/CMakeFiles/wt.dir/Wt/WModelIndex.C.o
/var/wt-4.3.1/src/Wt/WModelIndex.C:17:25: error: redeclaration \u2018Wt::ItemDataRole::Display\u2019 differs in \u2018constexpr\u2019
const int ItemDataRole::Display;
In file included from /var/wt-4.3.1/src/Wt/WModelIndex.C:11:0:
/var/wt-4.3.1/src/Wt/WModelIndex.h:150:30: error: from previous declaration \u2018Wt::ItemDataRole::Display\u2019
static constexpr const int Display = 0; //!< Role for textual representation

My cmake command I believe was successful since it reported the following as the last 3 lines:

-- Configuring done
-- Generating done
-- Build files have been written to: /var/wt-4.3.1/build

When I reverted back to wt-3.6.1 I can successfully build.

What do you suggest to get wt-4.3.1 to build successfully?

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RE: Errors Building wt 4.3.1 - Added by Bruce Toll 2 months ago

This sounds similar to:

You might want to check that your compiler version is supported with wt 4.3.1. See the requirements here:

If you are still having trouble, please consider posting some additional information about your environment (e.g. the compiler and cmake versions).