Wt: fatal error: bad any cast Enum

Added by Samuele Pederzini almost 3 years ago

when i modify a WtableView created by QueryModel and modify an enum field through item delegate i have this error:

[2021-May-05 09:59:03.458] 3649 [/ alEEjdNT8QcQS173] [error] "Wt: error during event handling: bad any cast"
[2021-May-05 09:59:03.458] 3649 [/ alEEjdNT8QcQS173] [error] "Wt: fatal error: bad any cast"

    virtual void setModelData(const Wt::cpp17::any &editState, Wt::WAbstractItemModel* model,
                      const Wt::WModelIndex &index) const override
        int stringIdx = (int)Wt::asNumber(editState);
        model->setData(index, TypeContainer::Tab, Wt::ItemDataRole::Edit);

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RE: Wt: fatal error: bad any cast Enum - Added by Aziz Gokhan Narin almost 3 years ago

Hello Samuele,

You should cast the data like this

int stringIdx = Wt::cpp17::any_cast(editState)