progressiveBootstrap and Responsive

Added by Olaf van der Meer almost 5 years ago


I want to make my app responsive, therefore I need

in the head-tag.

I found 2 ways to archieve this:

  1. WBootstrapTheme.setResponsive( true );
  2. WApplication.addMetaHeader( "viewport", "width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" );

Both do not add it the header, but logs a warning:

[qtp1770820152-30] WARN eu.webtoolkit.jwt.WApplication - WApplication::addMetaHeader() with no effect

After searching a while I found the configuration must use setProgressiveBootstrap(true).

I have tried to use setProgressiveBootstrap(true), this works, but it shifts my table view to the left side of my web page. The margin-left is gone. See the attachment.

Can you clarify this? What can I do about this?

Is it correct that you need to set WBootstrapTheme.setResponsive( true ); and Configuration.setProgressiveBootstrap( true ); to get a responsive app?