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Eliminate jQuery usage

Added by Roel Standaert about 1 month ago. Updated 5 days ago.

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Wt comes bundled with and uses jQuery. This has mostly become irrelevant with more modern JavaScript. We should eliminate our reliance on it so we can eventually remove jQuery from Wt.


Updated by Roel Standaert about 1 month ago

Some notes for the implementer:

  • There's documentation on where our JavaScript is located and how it can be minified here: This also contains some info about the useful -DDEBUG_JS=ON option. If -DDEBUG_JS=OFF, Wt will use the minified JavaScript (.min.js) for files in src/js, and bake it into the binaries. If it is enabled Wt will serve the non-minified version from the filesystem, which is more useful for rapid iteration. Similarly, for files in src/web/skeleton, Wt will serve the minified version by default, and serve the non-minified version if -DDEBUG=ON.
  • Some JavaScript can be found inline in Wt's source code. This JavaScript is typically passed to functions like:
    • doJavaScript
    • callJavaScript
    • setJavaScriptMember
    • the constructor of JSlot, or JSlot::setJavaScript
  • Uses of jQuery can be recognized by the use of $(...), $., jQuery(...), and jQuery.. Note that uses of WT.$(...) are different, this is a shorthand for Wt's getElement function.

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