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wtfcgi : blank page or 404 error

Added by S ET over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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My apps are linked to wtfcgi and are served by Apache httpd via vhosts configs on Linux. They have always been available at

https://vhost.domain.tld/appname .

This is no longer the case, with these results :

https://vhost.domain.tld/appname : HTTP 404 error

https://vhost.domain.tld/appname/ : blank page

https://vhost.domain.tld/appname/ : blank page

I have bisected the git tree with the following results :

git bisect start

  1. good: [28bb6af4ee9f5bacdf7bd442a6b76ca984fe3b61] Make raster image in done(): fixes issues due to changing image while downloading
    git bisect good 28bb6af4ee9f5bacdf7bd442a6b76ca984fe3b61
  2. bad: [3b1778d6d0948c39b4c49ebdc604ad0a2acc2e68] add include directory to Dbo target
    git bisect bad 3b1778d6d0948c39b4c49ebdc604ad0a2acc2e68
  3. bad: [98b89866dbc74fc18088cdb7a6e270474de86a5d] Fix issue #6884
    git bisect bad 98b89866dbc74fc18088cdb7a6e270474de86a5d
  4. good: [5c1bc383a5a727be8a9909d9dd18f00fabbf335a] Skip rendering X grid when there are no Y axes (would segfault otherwise)
    git bisect good 5c1bc383a5a727be8a9909d9dd18f00fabbf335a
  5. bad: [f933d07386ea42849c2b83b898d7502328c44af2] Several changes:
    git bisect bad f933d07386ea42849c2b83b898d7502328c44af2
  6. bad: [5000bf68982c0757dbad62c361b33674f2fb6145] Allow entry point paths that don't start with '/'
    git bisect bad 5000bf68982c0757dbad62c361b33674f2fb6145
  7. first bad commit: [5000bf68982c0757dbad62c361b33674f2fb6145] Allow entry point paths that don't start with '/'

I understood that the first bad commit deals only with wthttp linked apps, which is not the case here.

Please advise about what I'm missing and how to resolve this.


Actions #1

Updated by Roel Standaert over 4 years ago

Is this just using WRun or addEntryPoint without any specific path?

Actions #2

Updated by S ET over 4 years ago

It's using WRun(). Here is main.cpp :

#include <cstdlib>
#include "TestAppMain.h"
#include <Wt/WApplication.h>
#include <Wt/WEnvironment.h>

using namespace std;
using namespace Wt;

unique_ptr<WApplication> createApplication(const WEnvironment& env)
    unique_ptr<TestAppMain> app = cpp14::make_unique<TestAppMain>(env);
    return (app);

int main(int argc, char** argv) {

    return WRun(argc, argv, &createApplication);
Actions #3

Updated by Roel Standaert over 4 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Resolved

Looks like that was indeed a regression caused by that change. I pushed a commit that should fix that.

Actions #4

Updated by Roel Standaert over 4 years ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed

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