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# Project Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
693 Wt Bug Closed High Sloppy WApplication::internalPathMatches() Koen Deforche 02/04/2011 12:00 PM Actions
564 Wt Bug Closed High Crash when session being destroyed in one thread while UpdateLock is being acquired in another thread Koen Deforche 11/02/2010 10:32 AM Actions
495 Wt Bug Closed High Fix performance problem with layout managers Koen Deforche 09/16/2010 03:58 PM Actions
423 Wt Bug Closed High WCheckBox, WRadioButton: fix enabling/disabling Koen Deforche 08/16/2010 09:44 AM Actions
454 Wt Bug Closed High Wt::Dbo improve query parsing Koen Deforche 08/16/2010 09:40 AM Actions
7970 Wt Bug New Normal wthttp server may terminate after uncaught exception 01/11/2021 08:43 PM Actions
4906 Wt Bug Closed Normal Case insensitive identity comparison in Wt::Auth Roel Standaert 01/30/2020 12:19 PM Actions
6887 Wt Bug New Normal WVideo on iphone inconsistencies 02/08/2019 10:09 AM Actions
6044 Wt Bug New Normal WTabWidget and flex-layout 08/27/2018 11:41 AM Actions
280 Wt Feature Closed Normal Improve Ext::TableView::cellClicked() 06/01/2018 11:33 AM Actions
6045 Wt Bug New Normal WDoubleValidator: implement inputFilter() 10/25/2017 11:48 AM Actions
5770 Wt Bug New Normal Error during chart rendering 06/16/2017 10:47 AM Actions
5414 Wt Bug Closed Normal JSON errors in WCartesianChart Roel Standaert 04/03/2017 12:40 PM Actions
5230 Wt Feature New Normal WFileUpload cancel() 03/02/2017 02:59 PM Actions
5298 Wt Bug New Normal WGoogleMap does not use google_api_key where needed 09/29/2016 12:01 AM Actions
5221 Wt Bug New Normal Draggable list 08/22/2016 05:04 PM Actions
4982 Wt Bug Closed Normal Broken WPainter/WCanvasPaintDevice rendering Roel Standaert 07/13/2016 05:07 PM Actions
4922 Wt Feature Closed Normal Dbo: allow foreign keys to be specified as-is Roel Standaert 07/13/2016 05:07 PM Actions
4888 Wt Feature Closed Normal Delay WWidget::load() Roel Standaert 07/13/2016 05:07 PM Actions
4777 Wt Feature Closed Normal Access scrollState of window (and widgets) Benoit Daccache 07/13/2016 05:06 PM Actions
4628 Wt Bug Closed Normal Chart interactive zooming and gridlines Roel Standaert 07/13/2016 05:06 PM Actions
4625 Wt Bug Closed Normal Interactive chart axis padding scales with zooming Roel Standaert 07/13/2016 05:06 PM Actions
4485 Wt Feature Closed Normal WDialog: allow dialog to keep resizing based on page size Michael Vilsker 07/13/2016 05:06 PM Actions
4948 Wt Feature InProgress Normal WPanel collapse icons hard coded Roel Standaert 07/05/2016 02:04 PM Actions
4658 Wt Feature New Normal Layout managers: support CSS flexbox as implementation 01/12/2016 11:33 AM Actions
4630 Wt Feature New Normal Custom foreign key names 12/18/2015 02:05 PM Actions
3941 Wt Support Closed Normal bootstrap theme validation trouble Benoit Daccache 11/04/2015 09:20 AM Actions
4497 Wt Bug New Normal JSlot interference by Wt::Auth ? 10/07/2015 10:00 AM Actions
4486 Wt Feature New Normal Caroussel 09/17/2015 08:57 PM Actions
4448 Wt Feature Closed Normal Allow link for download without TargetNewWindow Benoit Daccache 09/10/2015 10:03 PM Actions
4341 Wt Bug Closed Normal Wt+OAuth2+FastCGI: multiple status in response Benoit Daccache 09/10/2015 10:03 PM Actions
3800 Wt Feature Closed Normal Support custom tags for WText/WContainerWidget classes Benoit Daccache 09/10/2015 10:03 PM Actions
3897 Wt Bug Closed Normal WTableView always is focusable Benoit Daccache 03/26/2015 09:39 PM Actions
3886 Wt Bug Closed Normal lousy Wt::Json::serialize performance Benoit Daccache 03/26/2015 09:39 PM Actions
3688 Wt Feature Closed Normal More key down/up key codes Benoit Daccache 03/17/2015 08:19 AM Actions
3242 Wt Bug Closed Normal WDateEdit in WDialog not closing on esc or click-outside Koen Deforche 03/17/2015 08:18 AM Actions
3887 Wt Feature New Normal Parallel JS require() downloading 03/12/2015 10:49 AM Actions
3243 Wt Feature Closed Normal Custom item delegate example Korneel Dumon 10/22/2014 02:29 AM Actions
2760 Wt Bug Closed Normal Capture JavaScript error server-side Michael Vilsker 10/22/2014 02:29 AM Actions
3336 Wt Bug Closed Normal setHiddenKeepsGeometry() and layout interference Koen Deforche 10/22/2014 02:27 AM Actions
3244 Wt Bug New Normal Add example using Twitter Bootstrap 3 grid layout Korneel Dumon 06/04/2014 07:53 PM Actions
2799 Wt Feature Closed Normal On-demand loading of tooltip (XHTML) text Michael Vilsker 05/16/2014 06:01 PM Actions
2650 Wt Bug Closed Normal WLineEdit::setInputMask() Roel Standaert 05/16/2014 06:01 PM Actions
2158 Wt Feature New Normal Add a feature example that illustrates Wt::Dbo::QueryModel 04/01/2014 04:21 PM Actions
2149 Wt Feature New Normal Renderer: add support for background color on inline elements 04/01/2014 04:21 PM Actions
1755 Wt Feature New Normal Support icons in plain menu items. 04/01/2014 04:21 PM Actions
2804 Wt Bug New Normal Consistently ignore default Locale, and format using WLocale 04/01/2014 04:14 PM Actions
2808 Wt Feature New Normal New signal implementation 03/13/2014 12:44 PM Actions
2719 JWt Bug Closed Normal TreeView selection problem Koen Deforche 02/27/2014 12:16 AM Actions
2684 Wt Bug Closed Normal Missing DomElement.h Koen Deforche 02/27/2014 12:14 AM Actions
2395 Wt Feature Closed Normal WFileUpload add support for 'accept' attribute Michael Vilsker 02/18/2014 11:22 PM Actions
2657 Wt Bug Closed Normal WDateEdit::setPlaceholderText() not working Koen Deforche 02/18/2014 11:17 PM Actions
2634 Wt Bug Closed Normal Rendering justified text problem Koen Deforche 02/18/2014 11:17 PM Actions
2629 Wt Bug Closed Normal GoogleService returning "true" instead of true in JSon breaks parser Koen Deforche 02/18/2014 11:17 PM Actions
2421 Wt Bug Closed Normal WGLWidget generates invalid JavaScript Korneel Dumon 02/18/2014 11:17 PM Actions
2420 Wt Feature New Normal WPaintedWidget, WGLWidget: more flexible rendering options 11/15/2013 10:33 AM Actions
2419 Wt Feature New Normal Implement SCGI connector 11/15/2013 10:22 AM Actions
2393 Wt Bug New Normal Free function miss #include file directive documentation 11/05/2013 11:48 AM Actions
2352 Wt Bug New Normal WTableView, WTreeView large model support 10/22/2013 09:26 AM Actions
1813 JWt Bug Closed Normal Missing documentation for WItemDelegate.setTextFormat() Koen Deforche 10/16/2013 05:57 PM Actions
2212 Wt Bug Closed Normal WSuggestionPopup improvements Koen Deforche 10/01/2013 09:36 AM Actions
1761 Wt Feature Closed Normal PDF Renderer improvements Koen Deforche 10/01/2013 09:36 AM Actions
2143 Wt Feature New Normal Wt::Render: implement table-layout: fixed 08/22/2013 02:57 PM Actions
512 Wt Bug Closed Normal WPushButton versus WDialog style class inconsistencies 08/21/2013 12:09 AM Actions
1914 Wt Feature Closed Normal json serialization Korneel Dumon 08/20/2013 11:28 PM Actions
1861 Wt Feature Closed Normal Combo box: support item groups Korneel Dumon 08/20/2013 11:28 PM Actions
1756 Wt Bug Closed Normal Bootstrap theme: drop down caret is missing from menu items that have popup menus. Koen Deforche 08/20/2013 11:28 PM Actions
2082 Wt Bug New Normal Long response can cause exhausting the thread pool 08/02/2013 11:12 AM Actions
2077 Wt Feature New Normal Support Twitter Bootstrap v3 07/31/2013 11:27 AM Actions
2076 Wt Feature New Normal WResponsiveLayout 07/31/2013 11:24 AM Actions
1757 Wt Feature New Normal Follow wise advise to boost imperformance of WebUtils.C *toa 03/21/2013 10:16 AM Actions
1696 Wt Bug Closed Normal WPopupMenu: does not close automatically Koen Deforche 02/19/2013 09:06 PM Actions
1695 Wt Bug Closed Normal WStackedWidget: do not apply size to absolute/fixed children Koen Deforche 02/19/2013 09:06 PM Actions
1622 Wt Feature New Normal WSpinBox: set type="number" 12/26/2012 07:12 AM Actions
1185 Wt Bug New Normal WTableView, WTreeView::setId() does not work 11/01/2012 01:49 PM Actions
1159 Wt Feature InProgress Normal Support .po files. 10/15/2012 10:55 AM Actions
965 Wt Feature New Normal ItemIsDirty implementation Koen Deforche 10/15/2012 10:55 AM Actions
1435 Wt Feature New Normal Wt::Dbo: implement mark&sweep to break circular dependencies 09/11/2012 09:02 PM Actions
1281 Wt Feature Closed Normal Dbo example with split files (include management) Pieter Libin 07/06/2012 12:23 PM Actions
1241 Wt Feature Closed Normal Dynamic marker size in plots Michael Vilsker 07/06/2012 12:23 PM Actions
1187 Wt Bug Closed Normal WHBoxLayout, WGridLayout: horizontal resizing issues Koen Deforche 07/06/2012 12:23 PM Actions
1217 Wt Feature Closed Normal Drag&Drop mime-type per item Koen Deforche 04/30/2012 12:02 PM Actions
1161 Wt Bug Closed Normal crashed when uploading 2G+ file from firefox 10.0 Pieter Libin 03/30/2012 11:54 AM Actions
1131 Wt Feature Closed Normal WApplication::triggerUpdate() and WServer::post(): make it better Koen Deforche 03/30/2012 11:54 AM Actions
1107 Wt Bug Closed Normal distribute IBPP inside Wt. Pieter Libin 03/30/2012 11:54 AM Actions
1116 Wt Bug Closed Normal VML backend font rendering problem Koen Deforche 03/30/2012 11:54 AM Actions
1112 Wt Feature Closed Normal Export utilities (md5, sha1, base64-encode, hex-encode, hex-decode, ...) Koen Deforche 03/30/2012 11:54 AM Actions
1108 Wt Feature Closed Normal AuthWidget: more flexibility Koen Deforche 03/30/2012 11:54 AM Actions
1163 Wt Feature New Normal WTreeView/WTableView: make column absorb excess width 02/09/2012 10:08 PM Actions
1162 Wt Bug Closed Normal WLineEdit styling, IE, validation Pieter Libin 02/09/2012 08:44 PM Actions
1060 Wt Feature New Normal A toggle button 02/01/2012 04:29 PM Actions
1117 Wt Feature New Normal WProgressBar: implement using <progress> 01/04/2012 01:47 PM Actions
1080 JWt Feature New Normal Drag & drop support on touch devices. 12/02/2011 03:06 PM Actions
1055 JWt Bug Closed Normal Notify application when its session times out or is invalidated. Koen Deforche 12/02/2011 02:54 PM Actions
840 JWt Bug Closed Normal WXmlLocalizedStrings: do not load when deployed in unexploded war Pieter Libin 12/02/2011 02:53 PM Actions
968 Wt Bug Closed Normal WAbstractArea & co: update() does not work. Koen Deforche 11/29/2011 11:59 AM Actions
942 Wt Feature Closed Normal Standard authentication widget Koen Deforche 11/29/2011 11:59 AM Actions
9 JWt Bug Closed Normal WDateValidator allows illegal dates Pieter Libin 11/16/2011 02:45 AM Actions
935 Wt Feature Closed Normal Url utility class ? Koen Deforche 09/23/2011 03:15 PM Actions
933 Wt Feature Closed Normal WSuggestionPopup: more complete server-side filtering support Koen Deforche 09/23/2011 03:15 PM Actions
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