LiteSpeed Web Server

This is preliminary information:

At this Litespeed Web Server release (4.0.1)...

For wthttp:

  ◦  If Apache configurations are used for virtual hosts,rewrite rules can
     be used (e.g. RewriteRule /(.*)$1 [p]),
     as mod_proxy directives are not supported 
   ("per customer support":, not tested yet)
  ◦  Otherwise, you should be able to set it up through the admin
     console: "Virtual Host"->"External Apps" & "Virtual Host"->"Context"

For FastCGI:

  ◦  Apache config: start Wt app using --socket option
     e.g. ./hello.wt --socket=/usr/wt/run/hello-fcgi

◦ Otherwise, same as wthttp instructions, selecting "Web server" as External App type

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