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h1. Main 

 _Please be aware that those are community contributed resources that may be outdated or imprecise._ 

 h3. See Wt in Action 

 * [[Sample Wt Applications]]: Live Web Applications made with Wt 

 h3. Getting Started 

 * [[Wt Tutorials]] 
 * [[Wt Installation]]: general and platform specific installation instructions 
 * [[Wt Deployment]]: various deployment options 
 * [[Wt embedded]]: tips for building and deploying Wt applications on embedded systems 
 * [[Tips and Tricks]] 
 * [[Frequently Asked Questions|FAQ]] 
 * [[Feature wishlist]] 

 h3. Project Resources 

 * "Help and discussion forums":/projects/wt/boards (additional resource: "Old Mailing List (archive)": (archive)": 
 * "Issue Tracker":/projects/wt/issues (please read the [[Issue Tracker Guidelines]] - for Users and Project Members) 
 * "Source Code Repository": 

 h3. External Projects 

 * [[Other source code widgets and projects|Projects looking for Contributors]]