Sample Wt Applications

List of applications developed with Wt and available on the web.

Link Author Description
Genome Detective Emweb Analysis of microbial NGS data
PELE BSC Protein landscape energy exploration - Electronic and Atomic Protein Modelling group of BSC
WebGL and Wt WebGL and Wt: 3D Medical imaging example - screencast
Wt Homepage Emweb
Emweb Homepage Emweb
Trokam Nicolas Slusarenko An internet search engine
thechess Nagaev Boris Online chess game (the source code)
Pandorica - source A Web Media Player
OpenStreetMap - source Ramil Mintaev A Map Viewer
tete-a-tete Nagaev Boris Anonymous one-to-one chat (the source code)
WtRPM: A Web-based (Wt) Suite to Power Up/down Your Computers
i2pp An implementation of the I2P network/protocol in C. Wt is used to create the webinterface to the router's administration.
MyARM Browser interface for analysing recorded response times of (distributed) applications using the Application Response Measurement (ARM) standard showing HTTP response times of a demo CD database ( web application (CGI)
OPC UA Web client One-Way Automation Inc. Technical Preview version 0.1.0 of the OPC UA Web Client
Wt-Commons - source Contains a Wt::Dbo migration module
Worm by Erik Winn A C DAL / ORM code generation framework
ProgHelp Neil D'Souza ORM and interface generation for Postgres
CxServer src@SF Zhimin Song A real application for student research project management like UROP of MIT
SkyPlanner Star gazing sessions planner (homepage)
WtComments: A Disqus clone, a secure way of serving comments on static blogs!
LSIViewer M. Rashad Libre Spatial Information Viewer
Mapbox Maps Yvan Vander Sanden A Mapbox wrapper for wt

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