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h1. Wt Installation 


 h2. License and Download 

 * "License and Download": 

 h2. Generic installation instructions 

 You may follow the "generic Unix installation procedure": ; or, see further for platform specific instructions. 

 h2. Platform specific installation instructions 

 h3. Linux distributions 

 * [[Installing Wt on ArchLinux]] 
 * [[Installing Wt on CentOS5]] 
 * [[Installing Wt on Debian]] or "Wt3.3/Boost1.54 on Debian Wheezy": 
 * [[Installing Wt on Fedora Core]] 
 * [[Installing Wt on Gentoo]] 
 * [[Installing Wt on Opensuse]] 
 * [[Installing Wt on Slackware]] 
 * [[Installing Wt on Ubuntu]] 

 h3. Windows 

 * [[Installing Wt on Cygwin using gcc|Installing Wt on Windows]] with Cygwin and GCC 
 * [[Installing Wt on MinGW|Installing Wt on Windows]] with MinGW 
 * [[Installing Wt on MS Windows|Installing Wt on Windows]] with Visual Studio 

 h3. Other operating systems 

 * [[Installing Wt on Android]] 
 * [[Cross compile Wt on Raspberry Pi]] 
 * [[Installing Wt on FreeBSD]] 
 * [[Installing Wt on OpenSolaris]] 
 * Installing Wt on OSX: 
 ** [[Installing Wt on Mac OS X Leopard|OS X Leopard (10.5)]] 
 ** [[Installing Wt on Mac OS X Lion|OX X Lion (10.7)]] 
 ** [[Installing Wt on Mac OS X Yosemite|OS X Yosemite (10.10)]] 
 * [[Installing Wt on QNX]] 
 * [[Installing Wt on Solaris with Sun CC Compiler and stlport4|Installing Wt on Solaris]] with Sun CC Compiler and stlport4 

 h2. Third-party library installation instructions 

 * [[libHaru]]: arc patch 

 h2. Deployment using the various connectors 

 See [[Wt Deployment]] 

 h2. User Experiences 

 * [[Wt + Apache + mod_fcgid + Valgrind + gdb + SELinux - Deploy and Debug]] 
 * [[Lessons learned - Installing Wt on Squeeze LAMP]]