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01:16 pm Wt Bug #6935 (Closed): adminlte
Wt includes its own jQuery. You will need to use @requireJQuery()@ to load a different version of jQuery: https://www...
01:15 pm Wt Bug #6958 (Closed): WDialog becomes un-movable once you resize a layout
12:18 pm Wt Bug #6972 (Closed): WLocale has issues with non US locales
11:57 am Wt Support #7016: browser input (forward/backward button)
You probably want to use WApplication::internalPathChanged():
11:52 am Wt Support #7019: WInPlaceEdit styling
I don't know why you're not having any luck. I can add a style class to the line edit with @addStyleClass()@ just fine.
11:35 am Wt Feature #7030 (Rejected): WinPlaceEdit Signal Lacks Source Identification
11:04 am Wt Help: RE: Installation on Windows without Admin rights
I put your code between pre tags for you :-)


05:05 pm Wt Bug #7063 (Resolved): Wt::WTreeView Scrolling
I hope my latest commit ("bb8dce8": fixes...
12:52 pm Wt Bug #7063: Wt::WTreeView Scrolling
Looks like it's related to the change made here:, commit "98b8986":https://...
12:25 pm Wt Bug #7063 (Assigned): Wt::WTreeView Scrolling
Looks like that did indeed break (even on latest master). I'll have to check that out.

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