Wt and Serverless.

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Hello Wt Team,

I am currently going through the serverless features available from cloud providers such as Google(Cloud Run) and AWS (ECS). The first thing that came to my mind was, using Wt with serverless would be a great combination!

Has the team given a thought on making Wt a first-class citizen for serverless deployments? It will be a fantastic business for Emweb to enable Wt for these environments. For that to work, Wt needs very good support for both REST APIs and GraphQL and be stateless. Beign stateless is up to the architecture of the application, but having a good support for REST and GraphQL depends on the framework or library. So is it possible for Wt to be used in serverless environments? With support for serverless, one of the most profitable business source for Wt, along with Web development, will be IoT and game developers both for desktop and mobile devices.

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Kinda interested as well.