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01:15 AM Wt Help: Bootstrap 5 does not support IE11, but Wt does. So how does it work on IE11?
Dear Wt team,
I read the following statement in the documentation of WBootstrap5Theme class
`Although this them...
Plug Gulp


08:04 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Wt and EventSource/SSE.
Hey Wim,
I agree that Wt's in-built support for server-push is the better way for desktop web. But I am also plann...
Plug Gulp


06:51 AM Wt Open discussion: RE: Compile from CMD line?
Take a look at this wiki:
Plug Gulp


04:04 AM Wt Open discussion: Wt and EventSource/SSE.
I know that Wt has serverpush implemented as long-polling and websockets(bi-directional) But I am looking for an unid... Plug Gulp


06:45 AM Wt Help: RE: Scaling WServer::post and WServer::postAll?
Just as a learning exercise, I was thinking of a simple web app with blog and chat features that will be horizontally... Plug Gulp


09:07 AM Wt Help: Scaling WServer::post and WServer::postAll?
I am going through the SimpleChat example, and wondering how to scale this app, both vertically and horizontally.
Plug Gulp


04:54 PM Wt Help: How to stress test Wt app?
I was wondering if there is an idiomatic way of stress testing Wt app hosted on AWS free tier with t2.micro instance.... Plug Gulp
01:44 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Wt::Dbo
Plug Gulp wrote in message#18310:
> Just curious, why are you using weak_ptr for favourite child?
Sorry, my bad; ...
Plug Gulp
01:30 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Wt::Dbo
Just curious, why are you using weak_ptr for favourite child?
Plug Gulp


01:28 PM Wt Bug #11181: Rendering on mobile does not work correctly.
Roel Standaert wrote in #note-1:
> I guess this is an issue of those specific examples not being very mobile-friendl...
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