Integrating std::format or fmt with Wt

Added by Rathnadhar K V over 2 years ago


With C++20 we have the facility to utilize string formatting with std::format (alternatively fmt library). That gives us tremendous flexibility to print or stream out the strings....

I find that the default build of Wt is still C++14 (that is 7 years old!). If we can bump the default build to C++20 and include string::format (or fmt) would be a world of good, my thought.

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RE: Integrating std::format or fmt with Wt - Added by Roel Standaert over 2 years ago

Not everyone has the ability to use C++20. We're not too quick to move to new standards in Wt since a lot of users would then not be able to use Wt. Embedded toolchains especially have a tendency to lag behind a bit in compiler versions. We've also mostly avoided adding too many extra dependencies to Wt.

There's nothing keeping you from compiling Wt in C++20 mode, of course. We do sometimes enable some extra things if Wt is compiled with a more recent compiler.

I'm not sure how you would see the integration of std::format or the fmt library? There's nothing keeping you from using it yourself. How would you see it being integrated?