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04:58 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: DBO: create record using relationship id instead of providing Dbo::ptr to other record
I have been stating this since long.
Please see my earlier posts.
Yes, Wt needs to build a large co...
Rathnadhar K V
04:53 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Passing a user-defined parameter to a web server entry point without using global variables.
Its very easy to do it....
Here is how i did it...
Rathnadhar K V


05:57 PM Wt Bug #9252 (Closed): Deprecated message in FontSupportPango.C build
Latest build has warning in Pango..
wt/src/Wt/FontSupportPango.C:109:46: warning: ‘void pango_ft2_font_map_set_def...
Rathnadhar K V


04:48 PM Wt Open discussion: Integrating std::format or fmt with Wt
With C++20 we have the facility to utilize string formatting with std::format (alternatively fmt librar...
Rathnadhar K V


04:16 PM Wt Help: RE: Unable to register a new user with Wt::Auth Widget.
Please somebody help me to resolve this.
Rathnadhar K V
Rathnadhar K V
04:14 PM Wt Improvements #9204: Bootstrap themes require an active WApplication upon construction for proper operation
Namaskara Roel,
I noticed this fact.
I read the code and in the constructor and applyValidationStyle()
``` c...
Rathnadhar K V


06:09 PM Wt Improvements #9115: Set the version in WBootstrapTheme C'tor
Instead of index as int, you can even get a iterator to the theme within the container. Rathnadhar K V
06:08 PM Wt Improvements #9115: Set the version in WBootstrapTheme C'tor
Namaskara Roel,
That is wonderful.
May I suggest an improvement,
Have a common glue CSS class....WThemeConta...
Rathnadhar K V


07:46 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: How about Emweb conduct once a week live webinar on Wt?
Namaskara Mark,
I wish you a great success in your SaaS offering. I agree Wt is a great C++ framework for web deve...
Rathnadhar K V


11:34 AM Wt Help: Unable to register a new user with Wt::Auth Widget.
I am using Wt::Auth module (only local support and no OAuth2 (Google, FaceBook modules)) in my code.
Rathnadhar K V

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