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Added by Peter Tagwercher 5 months ago

I am playing with the layout of WNavigationBar a little (not sure if this is the last word on my layout). Anyway, I have come to this:

auto p1 = Wt::cpp14::make_unique<Wt::WText>("Benutzer");
navigation->addWidget(std::move(p1)), Wt::AlignmentFlag::Right | Wt::AlignmentFlag::Bottom);

auto p2 = Wt::cpp14::make_unique<Wt::WText>("Benutzer");
navigation->addWidget(std::move(p2)), Wt::AlignmentFlag::Right | Wt::AlignmentFlag::Bottom);

I didn’t want the text “top-aligned”, therefore I added the bottom alignment. Right adjustment then doesn’t work anymore on WTextl.

Seems that the only supported alignment of WText in a WNavigationBar is Wt::AlignmentFlag::Right or Wt::AlignmentFlag::Left.

So how do I get this text bottom aligned?

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RE: Navigation Bar - Layout - Added by Peter Tagwercher 4 months ago

May I refresh this point on how I can have the alignment of those texts changed so they appear on the same y-location as the Menuitems?

Thanks in advance.