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12:57 PM Wt Help: WTabWidget::indexOf and ContentLoading::Eager
Hi all,
I am adding several widgets to a WTabWidget by either using default add (which is using ContentLoading::Lazy...
Peter Tagwercher


02:43 PM Wt Feature #7709 (New): Add Cursors
The following CSS cursors should be added to Wt::Cursor:
\- ew-resize
- ns-resize
Optional, just to be complete:
Peter Tagwercher


05:03 AM Wt Help: accessing WebSession::expireTime
Hi all,
I would like to display the countdown until the session times out, and, on the other hand I would like not t...
Peter Tagwercher


04:58 AM Wt Help: Logout and OIDC
Hi all,
I think this is a simple one.
When logging out from the application I have to do a logout on the OIDC too. ...
Peter Tagwercher


05:11 PM Wt Help: RE: OIDC authentication/authorization
Hi again,
I am still struggling with a successful "handshake", so maybe I am mixing things up.
The setup:
- Keycl...
Peter Tagwercher


07:23 PM Wt Help: RE: OIDC authentication/authorization
Hi Wim,
I don't think I am mixing things up.
What we need is either OpenID Connect (OIDC) or SAML. As there is no S...
Peter Tagwercher
01:27 AM Wt Help: RE: OIDC authentication/authorization
It's me again. Working fine was way too much for now.
Saying it works was saying that the OidcClient both receives a...
Peter Tagwercher


12:48 AM Wt Help: RE: OIDC authentication/authorization
Hi everyone,
forget what I was asking for. I had some trouble setting up Keycloak (that I am using for testing purpo...
Peter Tagwercher


02:59 PM Wt Help: RE: Navigation Bar - Layout
May I refresh this point on how I can have the alignment of those texts changed so they appear on the same y-location... Peter Tagwercher
02:55 PM Wt Help: OIDC authentication/authorization
Hi everyone,
hopefully this is a simple question.
I am trying to create a single sign on based on your oidc example...
Peter Tagwercher

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