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Added by Balazs Sebestyen 3 months ago

What is the easiest safe way to add an input field (eg. WLineEdit) for a password? So, safe over the network against man in the middle attack. I already have the DB side and the UI, so I'd like to avoid to use AuthWidget, I just need a safe input field. As I see, a lot of security functionality is already builded in Wt, so maybe I don't need to do anything, it's already safe? Or I just need to use the https functionality?

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RE: Input field for password - Added by Wim Dumon 3 months ago


In any case you should use https.

Other than that, Wt Auth follows a number of best practices. Wt does not have other functionality specifically targeted to passwords (other the configuration option on a WLineEdit to turn off character echo?).

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