3.3.5 release/project issues

Added by Jeremiah Jahn over 8 years ago

Did I miss something? I can't seem to be able to find downloadable jar files for the jwt 3.3.5 distribution. Looks like I have to build the project myself now.

Also the .classpath file has two issues with it.

should be


should not exclude WServerGLWidget nor ServletApi3

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RE: 3.3.5 release/project issues - Added by Koen Deforche over 8 years ago

Indeed because we can no longer distributed through sourceforge (it's broken and abandoned) we've now chosen to do this using github. This has some consequences in that it is less natural to redistribute a package that already contains the built binaries.

What we could do is also attach the binary packages (jwt-3.3.5.jar and jwt-auth-3.3.5.jar) to a release.

The procedure to build the library is to run 'ant', and this ignores the .classpath file.

(The .classpath file indeed should reference antlr in 'lib/', we will fix this, I'm not sure the .classpath should be in git though --- as it is specific to eclipse. Excluding WServerGLWidget and SerletApi3 is useful to be able to build from within eclipse.)

RE: 3.3.5 release/project issues - Added by Jeremiah Jahn over 8 years ago

Personally I like having the .classpath there since I use eclipse, and can easily just step through your code when I don't understand things, but it won't build if you exclude WServerGLWidget since it's referenced from within another class. I guess you must have it referenced in some other way, that isn't available to a clean environment. I know I was picking up ServletApi3 from a 3.3.4 jar.