Added by Kristian Lind over 11 years ago

Hi, I am new to GWT and JWT (Java Webtool kit)

I have been looking for info on the difference on the two, but cant find nothing anywhere ??

I am starting a new project, Spring, SOAP, JPA, JBoss etc... an wonder if I should use GWT or JWT ???


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RE: GWT Vs. JWT - Added by Wim Dumon over 11 years ago

Hello Kristian,

One of the huge differences between GWT and JWT, is that JWT takes care of all client-server communications, whereas in GWT you have to develop interfaces for that (usually REST interfaces). We've use JWT in combination with Spring in multiple projects and it works well.



RE: GWT Vs. JWT - Added by Kristian Lind over 11 years ago

Ok, I am planning on using spring for some webservices.

I just have the feeling there is a larger community around GWT, and as I am new to GWT/JWT I would benefit from that. I can't find that much documentation in JWT

Do you use any design tool for the gui ? Or how is your approach making the gui nice ??

Also if you know where to find some good example applications.. ?