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Unable to run examples with ISAPI

Added by Tom O over 12 years ago. Updated over 12 years ago.

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I am unable to run the examples, specifically "Hello", with IIS 7.5. When I compile with the default wthttpd, everything works fine and the examples run as expected.

When I compile (in a separate directory) for ISAPI, with "cmake -DEXAMPLES_CONNECTOR=wtisapi ..\" everything compiles fine too, but I can´t get the example running.

I followed exactly the instructions in the online documentation "ISAPI on Microsoft IIS" and "Installing Wt on MS Windows".

Whe I direct Firefox to "" I get the following error information:

Error Summary:

HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden

The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory

Detailed Error Information:

Module DirectoryListingModule

Notification ExecuteRequestHandler

Handler StaticFile

Error Code 0x00000000

Requested URL

Physical Path C:\projects\wt-3.1.11_DLL\examples\hello\

Logon Method Anonymous

Logon User Anonymous

The DLL and the configuration file (unchanged) is located in "C:\projects\wt-3.1.11_DLL\examples\hello", together with "hello.wt.dll.ini" containing:



My system is VS 2010 + Boost 1.47.0 + wt 3.1.11 + cmake 2.8.6

Am I missing something?



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Updated by Wim Dumon over 12 years ago

If I remember correctly, I always had to surf to the .dll file. So don't you have to access http://localhost/hello/hello.dll?


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Updated by Tom O over 12 years ago

When I surf to "" IIS offers me either to save or to open the DLL. It treats the DLL as a file, not as an ISAPI-Extension, that is it does not execute it.


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Updated by Tom O over 12 years ago

Please update your ISAPI-documentation.

- After I set "Enable 32bit Applications" to true in "Application Pool Defaults" I was able to run the example. My system is Windows Server 2008 R2 (x64) with IIS 7.5.

- Your docu says to set the "Regular Time Interval (minutes)" to 0, but this is not possible if you don´t set "Idle time out (minutes)" to less than "Regular Time Interval (minutes)" before, that is you must set it to 0 too . But this setting is nonsense.

Now I can start the "hello" example, but I run in another problem.

I get prompted for my name, when I enter a name and press the button, nothing happens, that is no greeting appears, just in the right corner of firefox a red message "Loading" appears and nothing happens.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


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Updated by Wim Dumon over 12 years ago

I'll have to look into this. Do you see any errors in firebug (or whatever the debugger for your browser is)?


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