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wtwithqt: triggerUpdate() causes rendering outside the Qt-Thread-Context

Added by Kai Scherrer over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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This Bug is descibed in and applies to 3.3.4rc1 running on Windows7 with Visual Studio 2013

When I do a Wt::WAbstractItemModel::layoutChanged().emit() followed by an Wt::WApplication::triggerUpdate() in the context of a Wt::WServer::post(), then the resulting rendering is done directly from a Wt-threadpool-context, not by the QtThread-Context of Wt::WQApplication.

In the attached TestCase there is a model created in Wt::WQApplication::create() which asserts, when one of its 'render-functions' are called from another thread as the one which created it.

When the call to triggerUpdate() in DemoModel.cpp (line 183), is enabled then these asserts do fire.

Files (4.87 KB) Kai Scherrer, 01/21/2015 11:17 AM
WtThreadingProblem.tar.gz (3.77 KB) WtThreadingProblem.tar.gz Kai Scherrer, 01/22/2015 08:54 AM
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Updated by Kai Scherrer over 9 years ago

Meanwhile I've teset this on a Debian Wheezy machine and the testcase behaves the same here.

I've attached an updated version which builds with Debian's gcc 4.7.2. There is also a shell script inside ( which builds the testdemo including the wtwithqt-example. If you use this you need to change the pathes in the first 8 lines so that they apply to your build setup.

To see the asserts you need to remove the -DNDEBUG in line 3.

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Updated by Koen Deforche over 9 years ago

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Thanks for the test case. I indeed believe that this wasn't implemented yet in the wtwithqt lib (and/or perhaps this needs some changes in Wt as well).


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Still needs to be pushed to the repo.

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