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Interactive charts does not work with progressive bootstrap enabled

Added by Christopher Bilberg almost 4 years ago. Updated 7 months ago.

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We have a lot of issues regarding capabilities of widgets when progressive bootstrap is enabled.

One example is interactive charts.

This is easily reproduced through the "ChartsExample.c" example.

With "false" in the config the charts in the example work fine.

However with "true" then the charts are not interactive anymore.

That is the zoom, pan and crosshair functionality no longer works.

This happens on Wt version "3.4.1".

It seems this happens because of an if statement in the init() function which is called as part of the constructor.

"WApplication::instance() != 0 && WApplication::instance()->environment().ajax()" where the ajax call returns false.

Is there away of working around this while still having progressive bootstrap enabled?

It seems like in general "WApplication::instance()->environment().ajax()" returns false when progressive bootstrap is enabled and that method is called during the constructor.

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Updated by Roel Standaert 9 months ago

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Updated by Christian Witting 7 months ago

We still have this issue.
Is there any workaround or something else we could do to improve the handling?

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Updated by Matthias Van Ceulebroeck 7 months ago

Hi Christian,

this is because Wt did not yet have the time to decide what the browser supports (i.e. WebGL). So it will simply render a static chart.
I believe the easiest way around this is something you can find in the widget gallery example.

You can set the bootstrap method of any page that contains a chart to NOT use progressive bootstrap.

I hope this resolves your issue?

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Updated by Christian Witting 7 months ago

Thanks, I was not aware that you could scope it like that. Will have a look at it.

In the meantime I worked on something which seems to fix the issue, but not sure whether it is the "right" way to handle it.
I created a pull request in case you were interested.


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