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06:33 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Charting Library and Bootstrap 5 (Specifically stacked bar)
I believe it was set up like this, since many years ago having JS in the browser wasn't a given. So this avoids that ... Matthias Van Ceulebroeck
06:00 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Charting Library and Bootstrap 5 (Specifically stacked bar)
Hello Mark,
I do not believe that this is currently something supported by Wt in a default implementation.
To f...
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck
05:45 PM Wt Feature #4948 (New): WPanel collapse icons hard coded
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck
05:45 PM Wt Help: RE: Hide icon on wpanel
Hello Marcelo,
currently this is indeed something that isn't quite configurable. You can change the icon by replac...
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck


05:50 PM Wt Help: RE: adding Widget to root() ends in Segfault...
Hello Christian,
if it would indeed not be too much trouble, a minimal example would be nice.
From a glace, seein...
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck


02:22 PM Wt Bug #12145 (Implemented @Emweb): WVBoxLayout: vertical placement is ignored in 4.10.2
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck


12:17 PM Wt Improvements #12384: Make the Boost::spirit parser for WMessageResources plurals more robust
I will take this into account when rewriting this. This does entail some more changes, so I'm not quite positive that... Matthias Van Ceulebroeck
12:15 PM Wt Help: RE: Do search engines index websites created by Wt?
Hello Michael,
from the perspective of the library a request coming from a user or a search engine is identical. T...
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck


05:36 PM Wt Bug #11685 (Implemented @Emweb): Resize sensor is removed when adding child to layout size aware parent
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck
05:26 PM Wt Bug #12323 (Review): WMenu::addSeparator() causing segfault
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck

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