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04:47 PM Wt Improvements #12606 (InProgress): Allow WFileDropWidget to accept directories
Currently when dropping files on this widget, only an actual file is accepted.
If you go through the dialog interfac...
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck


10:44 AM Wt Bug #12587 (New): (Pango) Font memory leak
There may be a potential memory leak in the Pango font support file.
When a match is searched for, we construct a co...
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck


10:22 AM Wt Help: RE: Wt Install Error MSB3073 setlocal
The CMake trace looks nominal, certain errors are expected there.
The entry should be called `INSTALL_DOCUMENTATIO...
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck


09:24 AM Wt Help: RE: Wt Install Error MSB3073 setlocal
Hello Hamed,
from the error trace it seems to me like Doxygen is not being executed correctly. If you run your ori...
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck


06:07 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Charting Library and Bootstrap 5 (Specifically stacked bar)
That's very interesting and I look forward to seeing what you can do with it!
I am not familiar with D3js (I'm not...
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck
04:08 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Charting Library and Bootstrap 5 (Specifically stacked bar)
Hello Mark,
I ask around, and they indeed did a custom implementation. How the implementation work right now is th...
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck
06:03 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Integrating WebAuthn/Passkeys and moving values from JS to C++
I believe that the `examples/javascript` example may show you how this works, without being too verbose.
If you ar...
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck
03:36 PM Wt Help: RE: log level:scope detailed description
Hello Mario,
my apologies for the later reply.
Generally speaking internally Wt will use `LOG_ERROR`, `LOG_WARN...
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck
03:28 PM Wt Bug #12547: Compile failure on Mac OS X with 14.4 SDK
It seems this has to do with their change of using `std::format` in `ostream`. Falling back to a `libc++` with a `_LI... Matthias Van Ceulebroeck
01:59 PM Wt Help: RE: ... C++ exception, flags=0x81 (first chance) at C:\jenkins\workspace\wt-win_4.10...
Hello Cemal,
The main process that creates the WServer should throw an error that indicates the root cause of the ...
Matthias Van Ceulebroeck

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