Bug #9689

Auth::RegisterWidget not usable on Mobile

Added by Christian Meyer about 1 year ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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The Standard Registration Widget is not usable on a Mobile Browser, as it gets too big to find/press the Buttons below.

These Issues trace back almost 9 Years and with the current situation of 50% Mobile use, this should be addressed!

Also it is quite easy to fix: (at least for relatively modern browsers since 2016)

// add to Constructor of WDialog
  setMaximumSize(WLength(90, LengthUnit::ViewportWidth), WLength(90, LengthUnit::ViewportHeight));
  contents_->setOverflow(Wt::Overflow::Scroll, Wt::Orientation::Vertical);

This helps with both the Size of any WDialog and all contents within.
This should also not interfere with the IE6 hacks...

Also with a current Marketshare of 0.01% as of December 2021, IE6 should no longer be supported at all...
source: Wikipedia:

These other issues are also related to sizing problems and will likely be solved with this change.


Updated by Roel Standaert about 1 year ago

  • Target version set to future

We're not really supporting IE 6, we just didn't actively remove that code.

Doing dialogs differently on mobile is something we can consider.


Updated by Christian Meyer 6 months ago

There might not be a need to do things differently on mobile!
Just setting a reasonable max-size will do, especially for the built-in Registration Widget!

  // add to WDialog::create() at ~line 320
  setMaximumSize(WLength(90, LengthUnit::ViewportWidth), WLength(90, LengthUnit::ViewportHeight));
  contents_->setOverflow(Wt::Overflow::Auto, Wt::Orientation::Vertical);

If you wouldn't mind explaining how this solution would not work or be undesireable?
I'd appreciate it =)

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