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05:47 PM Wt Help: RE: log level:scope detailed description
I do not =)
I am happy to use log:scope for debug messages that I can configure the detail of on the fly and jus...
Christian Meyer


11:59 PM Wt Help: RE: log level:scope detailed description
Had a similar Question a while back
Hope t...
Christian Meyer


04:55 PM Wt Open discussion: Valgrind Output of Failed Port Binding reveals lost blocks
Hi there,
I am trying to figure out some weird stuff:
Some of my Modules mess with my Application and throw on S...
Christian Meyer


07:00 PM Wt Help: [SOLVED]: adding Widget to root() ends in Segfault...
Thanks for looking into this.
As Expected, there is nothing wrong with Wt...
To be honest, I really don't under...
Christian Meyer
05:41 PM Wt Help: RE: adding Widget to root() ends in Segfault...
Hi Mark, thanks for looking into this.
Updating the Code in WContainerWidget.h to your suggestion throws somethin...
Christian Meyer


12:25 AM Wt Help: adding Widget to root() ends in Segfault...
Hi there.
I am at the end of my understanding.
I have two different `WApplication` , that are on the same Server....
Christian Meyer


10:12 PM Wt Improvements #12384: Make the Boost::spirit parser for WMessageResources plurals more robust
If you are already in that part of the code, maybe you could add multiple plural definitions?
That would help to k...
Christian Meyer


07:29 PM Wt Feature #12167 (New): Enable setting of a Default Value for Dbo fields
Adding this would enable automatic update for Tables that already have Data
I Build a "Wt" Way to update SQL Table...
Christian Meyer


01:51 PM Wt Help: RE: Adding an WApplication WResource (at a fixed path) OR something with Auth
Hi Matthias, thank you for looking into my troubles again! =)
I now went with a mixed approach, the resource is pa...
Christian Meyer


12:56 PM Wt Help: Keeping a long term copy of my Application to access the mapped Session
I would like to access the mapped Session object of my WApplication.
As my configuration changes quite a bit, depe...
Christian Meyer

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