Installing MSVC


We suggest to use MSVC 2005 or higher, Standard/Professional/Team Edition, or the free Community or Express edition. Wt 4 requires MSVS 2017 or higher.

As newer versions of MSVS will become available, Wt will be adapted to support them.

Installing MSVC, Express Edition

Steps to install MSVC C EE on your computer:

Notes for VS 2010

If you installed SP1 and your C compiler does not work anymore, see FIX: Visual C compilers are removed when you upgrade Visual Studio 2010 Professional or Visual Studio 2010 Express to Visual Studio 2010 SP1 if Windows SDK v7.1 is installed

Notes for VS 2005

Microsoft has improved MSVC 2005 by means of a service pack; I strongly recommend you upgrade your compiler with this service pack (SP1). This service pack is available both for the full version and the Express Edition at It is a good idea to drink a cup of coffee while the service pack is installing.

If you are using Vista, MSVC will insist that you also install the SP1 Upgrade for Vista (an additional upgrade to SP1).

If you choose to use MSVS 2005 Express edition, you have to install the Platform SDK manually

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