Installing Wt on Fedora Core

make install error (Fedora 11)

I followed the outlined process for compilation. Cmake finished successfully, skipping hangman and wtwithqt due to the absence of mysql--2.x or Qt4. Make compiled the code without issue. Make install failed saying:

CMake Error at src/Wt/Ext/cmake_install.cmake:36 (FILE):
  file INSTALL cannot copy file "/root/src/wt-3.0.0/src/Wt/Ext/CMakeFiles" to
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  src/Wt/cmake_install.cmake:184 (INCLUDE)
  src/cmake_install.cmake:80 (INCLUDE)
  cmake_install.cmake:53 (INCLUDE)

I eventually removed the directory "CMakeFiles" from the list of files in src/Wt/cmake_install.cmake, and then make install completed successfully.

memory access error (Fedora 8, asio 0.39)

I followed the outlined process taking version 0.39 of asio (no patch) on Fedora 8 and it compiles just fine. When I start the server with some example it says

Starting server:

which looks fine to me. I enter


in my browser, but it shows nothing. The console gives me:

Session EYuFCafmMuM5zmsg created.
Sessions: 1
GET / 200 http 683 <1416> (31ms)
GET /favicon.ico 404 http 85 (0ms)

The last word is German, meaning "memory access error". If somebody helps me I promise to update the page :)

Can you post a mail on the mailinglist, and if possible, run under valgrind ?

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