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04:15 AM Wt Help: Wt compile message
I'm recompiling Wt since I upgraded to an M1 MacBook. I got the following error. Is this anything to worry about if I... Mark Travis


09:03 PM Wt Help: RE: Wt cmake build
I have never had trouble building Wt from the documentation. Mark Travis


03:56 PM Wt Help: RE: WAbstractItemModel in DBO?
Interesting. Thanks for that direction!
I'm building a statistical analysis tool for a very specific use case, bu...
Mark Travis
03:08 AM Wt Help: RE: WAbstractItemModel in DBO?
Interesting, I can't put angle brackets in my post!
ok, using square brackets instead. So above should read....
Mark Travis
03:06 AM Wt Help: WAbstractItemModel in DBO?
Can I store a whole WAbstractItemModel in a database?
For example:
Mark Travis
02:57 AM Wt Help: RE: program ended with exit code: 9
Just to update, I was pulling in a .csv that a potential user gave me. I should have looked at it first as it had thi... Mark Travis


03:41 PM Wt Help: RE: program ended with exit code: 9
Yikes! You are correct. That's what I get for programming at midnight.
I redid it as follows. Unfortunately, I ge...
Mark Travis
04:42 AM Wt Help: program ended with exit code: 9

I can't figure this out. Maybe I'm not looking at it correctly.....
I'm reading in a CSV file into a WStandardI...
Mark Travis


05:58 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: Bootstrap mode boot can cause inconsistent layout with theme components that set padding
I think the best is to pick bootstrap OR WLayout, but don't use both. I think that is what Roel meant.
I got bit ...
Mark Travis


11:07 PM Wt Help: RE: Wt::Auth::AuthWidget and bootstrap3
I fixed it by over-riding it in my companion css file with the following:
.Wt-auth-login {
position: relative...
Mark Travis

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