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05:25 PM Wt Bug #8668 (InProgress): cannot get private resource after login
When using dedicated process mode and websockets, a call to `WApplication::changeSessionId()` (like in `AuthWidget`) ... Korneel Dumon


05:34 PM Wt Feature #8636 (InProgress): drag/drop between rows in WAbstractItemView
Implement new API to drop items between rows. This should also allow dropping things in empty tree/table views. Korneel Dumon


11:03 AM Wt Support #8608: Wt::Dbo: how to avoid creation of prepared statements?
Wt makes a cache of prepared statements to reuse them. So this should not be a problem unless you make many di...
Korneel Dumon


03:24 PM Wt Bug #8602: No changed() signal when toggling a check box programmatically
I think "any" in this context refers to both checked and unchecked. Korneel Dumon


11:47 AM Wt Help: RE: WStackedWidget prevents WMessageBox from showing
Thanks for the example, always helpful.
When I try this, it fails regardless of the macro. After looking at it a bit...
Korneel Dumon
11:44 AM Wt Bug #8597 (New): WResource setTakesUpdateLock not working
See for example program.
For some reason, the lock is only taken when...
Korneel Dumon


11:40 AM Wt Bug #8577: test.http reports two failing tests related to trusted proxies
According to the documentation in `wt_config.xml`, I think it's actually the second test (for Client-IP) that should ... Korneel Dumon
09:39 AM Wt Support #8576: wt application using wthttpd that is currently suffering a DDOS attack
Hi Adrian,
I'm not an expert in these issues, so I may be missing something. But if you don't have `WApplication`,...
Korneel Dumon


11:24 AM Wt Feature #8458: WKeyEvent don't give access to JavaScriptEvent jsEvent_ on wt4
I lost track of this for a while. Can you be more specific about what is not working? I tested with Ctrl-numpad ...
Korneel Dumon
10:43 AM Wt Bug #8544: WFileUpload : uploaded signal never called
Hi Jean,
I actually can't reproduce this and I'm not sure what would cause the difference. Your system seems quite o...
Korneel Dumon

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