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05:33 PM JWt Help: RE: Compiling with OpenJDK 17
As a result some files are created in the JWT ROOT directory:
There are many files, these two are just exmaples. I...
Michał Błaszak
10:56 AM JWt Help: Compiling with OpenJDK 17
I'm trying to compile jwt-4.7.0 on OpenJDK 17.
This is what I get:
C:\jwt-4.7.0>java --version
Michał Błaszak


10:44 PM Wt Help: RE: Accessing browser's window object
Thank you, however it doesn't seem to be what I'm looking for.
In my Chrome window.devicePixelRatio gives 1.25
The ...
Michał Błaszak
12:59 PM Wt Help: Accessing browser's window object
Is there a way to access the browser's window object to read it's properties?
In particular I'm interested to get ...
Michał Błaszak


07:09 PM Wt Bug #7810: measureText() not accurate
I found this in ServerSideFontMethics.c (look at REL_ERROR = 1.02; what is it for? When I divide the width returned b... Michał Błaszak


11:03 PM Wt Bug #7810 (New): measureText() not accurate
I'm trying to implement a canvas-based text editor. I need to place the caret pointer in an exactly correct place.
Michał Błaszak

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