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07:02 PM Wt Bug #3703 (Closed): PaintedSlider::paintEvent Throws an Arithmetic Exception
PaintedSlider::paintEvent will throw an Arithmetic Exception if `range()` is 1. In the code below, it looks like ther... Josh Lampco


09:00 AM Wt Open discussion: Discarded-Value Expression
In `AuthWidget::attemptPasswordLogin()`, the function `AuthModel::login(Login& login)` is called but not assigned eve... Josh Lampco
03:08 AM Wt Open discussion: RE: AuthWidget Private Member Promotion
Trying to reimplement the member `RegistrationModel::validateField(Field field)` turns up the same kind of situation ... Josh Lampco


10:15 PM Wt Open discussion: AuthWidget Private Member Promotion
I was working on customizing the login view of the AuthWidget. I inherited from AuthWidget and I see that the creatio... Josh Lampco


08:44 AM Wt Help: RE: Links Are Not Resolving Correctly
Thank you Wim.
Josh Lampco
08:41 AM Wt Help: RE: How to reload or refresh a menu item in Navigation Bar?
Would populating the second menu item in the same function that you use to submit the data of the first menu item not... Josh Lampco


09:22 PM Wt Support #3554: como empezar?
Usé las manos a la introducción al peso que se pueden encontrar aquí:[Introduction to Wt]( Josh Lampco
07:07 PM Wt Bug #3549: Progressive Bootstrap Causes High Number of Application Instances
This indeed seems to be the case. Apparently, Chrome asks multiple times for the favicon.
Josh Lampco


02:59 AM Wt Help: RE: Links Are Not Resolving Correctly
The reason that this was happening was because `bindString()` strips out all tags and attributes that indicate "activ... Josh Lampco


11:37 PM Wt Bug #3548: WEnvironment.locale().name() returns en-US, not en_US
This copy constructor doesn't seem to make it in the [doxygen docs]( Josh Lampco

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