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09:28 PM Wt Open discussion: VFX project and asset management ppplication using Wt
I have written this application for my company using Wt.
Hope you enjoy the video.
Mohamed Samir


09:40 PM Wt Open discussion: Website using Wt
Hi all,
I recently created this website using Wt
Mohamed Samir


12:53 AM Wt Help: RE: httpd, mod_fcgid, Wt-3.3.5, browser refresh
I managed to solve the problem by adding aliases to wt.conf file for all my internal paths
and now my file looks li...
Mohamed Samir


04:25 PM Wt Help: httpd, mod_fcgid, Wt-3.3.5, browser refresh
I have created and deployed a website using Wt, httpd and mod\_fcgid and everything works as expected except on...
Mohamed Samir


10:22 PM Wt Help: RE: Wt::Dbo - persisting with getters/setters instead of values?
Hey, you can just use a private member variable for persistence, and write your ordinary getters and setters as usual... Mohamed Samir


03:21 PM Wt Help: RE: Wt::Auth::AuthWidget and bootstrap3
thanks wim, I figured it out, but it's kind of hard doing this, this way.
don't you think that Wt in a whole needs ...
Mohamed Samir


06:26 PM Wt Help: RE: Wt::Auth::AuthWidget and bootstrap3
hi, may I ask where to put the xml you provided ?
Mohamed Samir


11:29 PM Wt Help: RE: WTableView Horizontal Scroll Bug
Any news on this ?, this bug is really hideous and totally kills use experience !
Mohamed Samir


02:13 AM Wt Help: RE: WTableView Horizontal Scroll Bug
done, thanks
Mohamed Samir
02:11 AM Wt Bug #3628 (Closed): WTableView scroll bars vanishes when calling setRowHeight() at runtime
there is a bug in WtableView, the horizontal scroll-bar disappears when calling setRowHeight at runtime
and to show...
Mohamed Samir

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