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12:36 PM Wt Help: Weird interaction between WTemplate and Validator
Hi there, I have an issue with using a custom validator in my application and finally managed to boil it down the exa... Stefan Arndt


05:31 PM Wt Improvements #10950 (New): make WStandardItemModel more resilient
The following code will segfault:
``` cpp
auto model = std::make_unique<Wt::WStandardItemModel>();
Stefan Arndt
02:36 PM Wt Bug #10949 (New): Building examples on linux
Examples are not build under Linux unless `-DINSTALL_EXAMPLES=ON` is also set when configuring.
I would expect the...
Stefan Arndt
02:20 PM Wt Help: RE: Scatter Chart and WPdfImage error 1025
Yes, I used the up-to-date master branch when compiling Wt (I should have noted that earlier).
I can confirm that ...
Stefan Arndt
10:04 AM Wt Help: RE: Scatter Chart and WPdfImage error 1025
I was able to get some more insights. The problem indeed seems to be related to changes in libharu as I have problems... Stefan Arndt


11:34 PM Wt Help: RE: Installing and Setting up Wt for Visual Studio
Hi, just to be sure: Did you actually install "boost"? The message *Could NOT find Boost* indicates that it is missin... Stefan Arndt
11:24 PM Wt Help: Scatter Chart and WPdfImage error 1025
Hi there,
I have a problem here and hope someone can shine some light on this.
Below is a small test program based ...
Stefan Arndt


11:05 AM Wt Bug #10942 (Closed): Chart WigdetGallery
(Not a bug in wt itself but in the Widget Gallery.)
There are pages in the widget gallery that contain wrong links...
Stefan Arndt


10:03 AM Wt Help: RE: Typo in a header file?
Thank you :)
I Found this via google because I had the same error message on one of my systems yesterday, but rein...
Stefan Arndt


02:46 PM Wt Help: RE: where to serve robots.txt
The difference should be the Content-Type-header. Some insight: Stefan Arndt

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