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11:20 PM Wt Open discussion: TODO request – PDF rendering – fit to page width ability – the solution.
First of all I am to say here thank you for Wt developers. Wt is the very useful and good library, in fact one of the... Michael Shestero


03:31 PM Wt Help: WPdfRenderer render table out of paper bound
I use WPdfRenderer to make reports with tables from XHTML to PDF.
The problem is that sometimes when I have much da...
Michael Shestero


10:10 AM Wt Bug #3619: Bug #3365
Sorry for long silence.
See u.html in issue \#3365.
You can multiply any row in the table to make in long enough ...
Michael Shestero


02:12 PM Wt Bug #3619: Bug #3365
I can simplify the case:
If I convert the quite simple table with Russian text to PDF only the first page in PDF ar...
Michael Shestero


07:50 PM Wt Bug #3619 (Closed): Bug #3365
Note that my problem at Bug \#3365 ( ) was never been solved.
I wonder why...
Michael Shestero
07:46 PM Wt Bug #3365: WPdfRenderer and UTF-8
Please help!
Monthes passed but my problem is still not solved!
Recently I had to rebuild everything on another m...
Michael Shestero


10:59 PM Wt Bug #3365: WPdfRenderer and UTF-8
My problem is still not solved. :-(
I tried to build WT with libPango but it looks very heavy.
Is it possible to ...
Michael Shestero


02:32 PM Wt Bug #3365: WPdfRenderer and UTF-8
yes I was wrong. The nested tags do fine.
Still it looks like a bug. It's sore if I need libPango only to draw text...
Michael Shestero
01:22 PM Wt Bug #3365: WPdfRenderer and UTF-8
I think the CSS, fonts and libPango isn't the reason.
The font is the in "b" tag is the same and I can actually cha...
Michael Shestero


09:59 PM Wt Bug #3365: WPdfRenderer and UTF-8
Upd: if I do style="font-weight: bold;" on some tag like tr, td the cyrilic letters turn into questions!
Michael Shestero

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