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01:54 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: RESTful push notification
Thanks for answering Mr Dumon and I'm really glad to know that.
Nezar Ab


02:01 PM Wt Open discussion: RESTful push notification
Supposing we have a RESTful service developed in Wt, Is it possible to implement server initiated updates using c...
Nezar Ab


01:16 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: RESTful api in Wt
Thank you Mr Koen, I really appreciate the time you took to look at my code.
The things you said about proper escap...
Nezar Ab


01:14 PM Wt Open discussion: RESTful api in Wt
Hello there,
I've created a simple RESTful poll service in Wt based on's getting started api blueprint the...
Nezar Ab


02:24 PM Wt Open discussion: developement database
If I use sqlite during the developement phase of a farely complex project, will I be able to migrate to postgre ...
Nezar Ab


07:36 AM Wt Help: RE: addResource
Thank you Mark, Thank you Wim.
I really appreciate your help.
I have also found a very good example on Ed's tech ...
Nezar Ab


01:36 PM Wt Help: addResource
Can anyone guide me through the process of creating a static global resource that serves xml ? I'm trying to create a... Nezar Ab


01:15 PM Wt Help: RE: REST service
Thanks for replying
Do you mean that I can send Json or XML responses to any client on any platform usnig WResource ?
Nezar Ab
09:44 AM Wt Help: REST service
Is it possible to create RESTful web service in using Wt and communicate with the clients in JSON or XML ? If no...
Nezar Ab


06:08 PM Wt Help: Animation not working
I created a WStackedWidget, and It works properly without animation, but when I try to add a simple Fading anim...
Nezar Ab

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