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07:16 PM Wt Help: RE: REST Parameters in URL
It works! Thanks!
Matt Russell
03:30 AM Wt Help: REST Parameters in URL
Using `WServer::addResource`, how can I specify a path that will allow parameters?
i.e. `/entity/:id/attributes`
Matt Russell


11:36 PM Wt Help: Missing WServer with ISAPI
I've been following the documentation [[]] and so... Matt Russell


07:12 PM Wt Help: RE: triggerUpdate() doesn't push changes somtime
I'm seeing the same with `triggerUpdate` :(
Matt Russell


07:22 PM Wt Help: RE: HELP: Is there anyway to change the query in a QueryModel object bundled in WTableView?
I found that the `WTableView` also has to be recreated.
I made a method, `ResetModelQuery`, it basically re-creates ...
Matt Russell


04:52 PM Wt Help: RE: Easy way to implement my own Configuration?
Hi Saif,
Unfortunately I only realised the third argument to WServer's constructor was a different file than the XML...
Matt Russell


06:26 PM Wt Help: Easy way to implement my own Configuration?
I would like to modify how configuration is done in Wt. Rather than reading from `wt_config.xml`, I would like to be ... Matt Russell


09:26 PM Wt Help: Unresolved External Symbol building Wt 3.3.5-rc2 on Win64
I can't seem to build Wt-3.3.5-rc2 on Win64, I keep running into:
Error 1738 error LNK2019: unresolved exte...
Matt Russell


06:49 PM Wt Help: Cannot build 3.3.5-rc1 on Win32 due to Wt::WPointF*' : unknown size
I'm trying to build 3.3.5-rc1 on Win32 with Visual Studio 2013
I get the following error though:
Matt Russell


08:57 PM Wt Help: RE: SQLITE3 and multithreading - errors, mutexes, serialization, error codes?
We had a similar problem. Our solution to get around the DB locks in our multi-threaded (some headless) app was to ov... Matt Russell

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