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03:58 AM Wt Help: Large File Uploads Saved to File System Twice
When I upload a file larger than `configuration().maxMemoryRequestSize()` it is spooled to the file system (`/tmp/wtX... Aaron Wright


06:34 AM Wt Help: RE: How to Handle Additional SAML Assertions?
What about adding a dictionary to the `Wt::Auth::Identity` class so that it can save all of the claims and various in... Aaron Wright


07:21 AM Wt Help: How to Handle Additional SAML Assertions?
I've been using `Wt::Auth::Saml::Service` to provide Azure AD SAML SSO successfully for a while now. My `assertionToI... Aaron Wright


03:54 PM Wt Help: RE: Wt::Dbo - Optinoal Many-to-one Relationship
Well, that's embarrassing. You were right, I was dereferencing `bar_` myself. Thanks for the tips though. They helped... Aaron Wright
06:05 AM Wt Help: Wt::Dbo - Optinoal Many-to-one Relationship
I have a database object with an optional many-to-one relationship with another database object. When I fail to provi... Aaron Wright


12:22 AM Wt Support #11332 (New): Response Stream Lifetime with Continuations
When handling a request for a large response, we are using continuations. Can we take a reference to the response out... Aaron Wright


01:40 AM Wt Support #11189: WebSocket Message Rejection
Roel Standaert wrote in #note-1:
> Do you need to be able to edit all of these files in the browser? If you just wan...
Aaron Wright


10:31 PM Wt Support #11189 (Closed): WebSocket Message Rejection
I was trying to display some large text files in a `Wt::WTextArea` in a `Wt::WMenu`. After the size of the files exce... Aaron Wright


07:10 PM Wt Feature #7528: Official Forward Declaration Support
This can be closed. The WGlobal.h file works well. Aaron Wright


06:24 AM Wt Help: WTreeView No Header
I have a WTreeView with one column (the tree), but I don't need the header. It's just blank right now, but taking up ... Aaron Wright

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