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07:26 PM Wt Feature #5607 (Closed): wt core requirements
Moving to Wt 4 std smart pointers, what is minimum compiler's versions are going to be?
Is there going to be any ma...
Vasily Pupkin
07:15 PM Wt Feature #5606 (Feedback): c++ exceptions
Is there any chance c exceptions will be removed from the API?
Vasily Pupkin


12:11 AM Wt Feature #5199: D-Pointer
Everything you say is mostly correct. But i am still able to use a library that depends on another version of compile... Vasily Pupkin


09:47 PM Wt Feature #5199: D-Pointer
Vasily Pupkin wrote:
> Hi Wim,
> 1) C4251 is about object size one exports. If some class, say Wt::WString, has s...
Vasily Pupkin
09:46 PM Wt Feature #5199: D-Pointer
Hi Wim,
1) C4251 is about object size one exports. If some class, say Wt::WString has std::string member, it's size...
Vasily Pupkin
12:46 AM Wt Feature #5199 (Closed): D-Pointer
Wt headers include many std headers and wt classes aggregate standard objects by making them thier members. That caus... Vasily Pupkin


10:00 PM Wt Feature #5116: WEnvironment.C:536 exception
I am sorry, is this description clear enough?
Wt uses that getCookie method for internal matters, so this exception...
Vasily Pupkin


11:29 PM Wt Feature #5116 (Closed): WEnvironment.C:536 exception
WEnvironment.C says:
const std::string WEnvironment::getCookie(const std::string& cookieName) const
Vasily Pupkin

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