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11:56 AM JWt Bug #8374: PDFJet unicode
Roel Standaert wrote in #note-4:
> I believe this is a limitation of the open source version of PDFJet. I think it s...
Vladimir Savchik
11:13 AM JWt Bug #8374: PDFJet unicode
Problem finally - that default font is chosen, which has no cyrillic chars, and pdf is garbage there.
Vladimir Savchik
11:10 AM JWt Bug #8374: PDFJet unicode
Korneel Dumon wrote in #note-1:
> Hi,
> can you provide a code example that illustrates the problem?
Vladimir Savchik


10:46 AM JWt Bug #8374 (New): PDFJet unicode
public class WPdfImage extends WResource implements WPaintDevice {
private static final Logger logger = LoggerFacto...
Vladimir Savchik


06:57 PM JWt Bug #8311 (Closed): Calendar calculation
Version: 4.5.0
Steps to reproduce:
create WDate, open calendar
What's wrong:
Monday-Sunday top headers ok
Vladimir Savchik


03:29 PM Wt Help: WPdfImage does not support unicode
1\. WPdfImage
for (Constructor<?> c : Font.class.getConstructors()) {
Class<?>[] paramTy...
Vladimir Savchik


01:21 PM JWt Help: How to manage applications to stop with signal 'app.Wt-unload' not exposed
I now have a problem with closing old WApplication's, e.g. after refresh in browser.
Applications stay in memory an...
Vladimir Savchik


05:07 PM JWt Open discussion: RE: "invalid ackId" (jwt-3.3.6)
I see 3.3.8 has successfully fixed that!
Vladimir Savchik
04:12 PM JWt Help: RE: C:\eu\webtoolkit\jwt\wt-resources\themes\bootstrap\3\bootstrap.css
found the reason - wt\_resources moved from src to META-INF.
Vladimir Savchik
02:43 PM JWt Help: C:\eu\webtoolkit\jwt\wt-resources\themes\bootstrap\3\bootstrap.css
After change to 3.3.8 from 3.3.7 I have found exeptions when reading bootstrap files
7518 \[1351651241@qtp-10719172...
Vladimir Savchik

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