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11:15 AM Wt Feature #12148: translate="no" attribute in html - Tag
The reaseon for this is, that Firefox is intrusive suggesting the translation of the site for some time. Accepting th... Harald Elmer


04:47 PM Wt Feature #12148 (Implemented @Emweb): translate="no" attribute in html - Tag
is there any possibility to add the translate="no" attribute to a wt - html - tag ? thanks. Harald Elmer


10:34 AM Wt Open discussion: RE: Questions about WLeafletMap
I managed issue 1.) as follows:
* Derive my own Class SiLeafletMap from WLeafletMap
* Implement a new Signal mapC...
Harald Elmer


09:26 PM Wt Open discussion: RE: LDAP Authentication
Hallo Stefan !
If it's not too much of effort for you, please be so kind and provide the code with us.
I'm curren...
Harald Elmer


04:17 PM Wt Bug #8051 (New): WCartesianChart bad styled pdf print

I have a WCartesianChart with zoom functionality, that should be print to pdf. (See chart1.png, example in hello.cp...
Harald Elmer


05:36 PM Wt Help: WCartesianChart: Missing data in a model series Y values is interpreted as a break
In documentation of WCartesianChart you mentioned:
"Missing data in a model series Y values is interpreted as a brea...
Harald Elmer


03:36 PM Wt Bug #6333 (Closed): CurveLabels in DateTimeSeries - CartesianChart not working
CurveLabels in DateTimeSeries-Charts are not added.
reason imho is: ChartLabel wants WPointF as Parameter in creati...
Harald Elmer


03:26 PM Wt Bug #6291 (Closed): WStackedWidget and WHBoxLayout
I experienced some strange behavior with StackedWidget under Wt 4.0.2 which already worked with 3.3.7.
I have a Sta...
Harald Elmer

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