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04:56 PM Wt Bug #6707 (Closed): WT 3.3.11 crashes on Debian 8 during HTTP server initialization
This happens on latest Debian 8.11 distrib (fully updated).
Tried boost versions from 1.55 to 1.68, same result.
Alexander Paukonen


02:02 PM Wt Bug #6591: WTreeView items duplication and corruption
Currently I do not have needed test environment to check master but I checked example on the website. I tried to repr... Alexander Paukonen


12:12 PM Wt Bug #6587: stod() problem
Thank you, I will try this new implementation.
Also will investigate the state of app's locale more closely.
Alexander Paukonen


05:21 PM Wt Bug #6592 (Feedback): Menus not working on latest git version
On latest git version of WT menu is not working. It worked on 4.0.4 version. Now all I can see is highlighted area on... Alexander Paukonen
04:16 PM Wt Bug #6591 (Closed): WTreeView items duplication and corruption
If I open WTreeView demo on WT site and change the size of my Chrome browser so that there are scrolls on TreeView, a... Alexander Paukonen
04:05 PM Wt Bug #6587: stod() problem
Sadly my testing code is a mess ATM, I will try to make a decent error demo program later.
There are no locale-speci...
Alexander Paukonen


06:13 PM Wt Bug #6587 (New): stod() problem
Randomly I'm receiving this message in WT log: "WContainerWidget: error parsing: 412.6666564941406;0: stod() ...
Alexander Paukonen

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