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06:24 AM Wt Bug #9295 (New): Wt::WMenuItem SetIcon not working
I am using tab widget and want to set icon for some tab. I am setting the icon following as below. There is no error ... Mahmudul Hasan


08:10 AM Wt Bug #6763: SetIcon for Wt::WMenuItem is not working
We were expecting comments on this for long time.Can anyone reply above issue? Mahmudul Hasan


02:19 PM Wt Support #9067 (New): SetCookie age
- I need to set cookies for a large period of time. For example 100 years. How can I do that?
- Is there any default...
Mahmudul Hasan


11:48 AM Wt Bug #7740: setValueStyleClass has no visual effect
Korneel Dumon wrote in #note-3:
> It seems `WProgressBar::setValueStyleClass()` is not part of the public API (as it...
Mahmudul Hasan


08:20 PM Wt Bug #7740: setValueStyleClass has no visual effect
Korneel Dumon wrote in #note-1:
> Hi,
> could be a few things. Do you see the style-class in the browser debugg...
Mahmudul Hasan


07:54 AM Wt Bug #8264 (New): SetLocal changes combobox selection
My combobox holds language selection options. But after changing the language using SetLocal i see the selection chan... Mahmudul Hasan


07:55 AM Wt Bug #7740 (Closed): setValueStyleClass has no visual effect
Trying to change progress bar progress color based on progress value.
But i see it has no immediate effect. It req...
Mahmudul Hasan


06:47 AM Wt Feature #7021 (Closed): Repeat button click event as long as the button is kept pressed
In other platform i have used Repeat buttons. But i Wt i am using push button.
I need to keep executing button click...
Mahmudul Hasan
06:44 AM Wt Bug #7020 (New): Wt progress bar disable style
The Wt progress bar disable looks same as the enable state. The disabled state should look different. Do i need to ad... Mahmudul Hasan


10:05 AM Wt Open discussion: RE: Icon in the tab
Hello Wim,
I have attached the outcome for better understanding long ago but not getting any further communication ...
Mahmudul Hasan

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