TinyMCE version 6

Added by Mark Travis 3 months ago

I know version 6 isn't yet supported, but I saw a task in the Issues to bring WTextEdit up to date with the latest version.

I got V6 to load and I was playing around with different formats and fonts, and RapidXML isn't very happy with the output with a lack of closing tags.

Here's a string I created that crashes in RapidXML:

Printing description of text.utf8_:
(std::string) utf8_ = "<p>Fix the tab issue!&nbsp;</p>\n<p><span style=\"font-family: 'comic sans ms', sans-serif;\">This is funny text</span></p>\n<h2><strong>This is bold text</strong></h2>\n<hr>\n<p>Have some X<sup>2</sup> with your A<sub>2</sub>.</p>"

I'm going to guess it's the Horizontal Rule tag that is crashing RapidXML.