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WT in QTCreator Windows

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I could not install WT and do not know how to configure WT in QTCreator (Windows). I am using mingw32.

I will be glad if somebody could help me. There are a lot of tutorials that I read but no one is straightforward. (QT Creator platform: Windows, mingw32).

I am not familiar with cmd in windows.

Appreciate for your help.

Best regards,


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I've never tried this.

Wt is a cmake project, which usually works well together with Qt creator according to my experience.

Wt should compile with mingw, even though it's not the most popular platform.

Consider building Wt outside of Qt creator, and using the installed libraries/header files/... for your project.

If you would work out a method to build Wt from within Qt creator on Windows, I'd be very interested to have it documented in our wiki. I even want to help you with that.



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Updated by Pau Garcia i Quiles over 10 years ago

The main problem with building Wt on Windows using Qt Creator is Creator's CMake support is poor.

Specifically, it does not provide a variable editor. These is how I would do it:

1. Start CMake GUI

1.1. In CMake GUI, configure the Wt source directory and Wt build directory

1.2. Click "Configure" and select "MinGW Makefiles". Make sure the first mingw32-make in path is the one you will use in Qt Creator.

1.3. Resolve all the missing library dependencies (OpenSSL, MySQL, Boost, etc)

1.4. Click "Configure" again.

1.5. When the configure step is done, click "Generate".

1.6. Close CMake GUI.

2. Start Qt Creator

2.1. Click "Open Project" and select the Wt source directory

2.2. For the build directory, make sure you use the same build directory you used in CMake GUI

2.3. Generate

3. Now you can build Wt from Qt Creator

I don't really see any advantage to using mingw32-make directly, or even using winstng ( ) with an invokation like "winst.bat -G "MinGW Makefiles\" (not tested).


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