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10:43 AM JWt Bug #2100 (New): Right-click on 3D chart causes unwanted interaction
1. Right-click on a 3D (webGL) chart to pop up the browser context menu.
2. Left-click next to the menu to make it ...
Jan Goyvaerts


12:12 PM JWt Bug #2086: No API to ignore values in bar chart series
To illustrate the issue : given the bar chart, it looks like there's a huge amount of low/small values represented by... Jan Goyvaerts


04:40 PM JWt Support #2089 (Closed): Styling color map
Is there a way to style the color map on the screen ?
Jan Goyvaerts
04:37 PM JWt Bug #2088 (Feedback): Legend not visible for scatter and surface plots
Although it works for bar charts.
Jan Goyvaerts
04:32 PM JWt Bug #2026: The Z title is printed on top of the Z labels
Confirming it works. Thanks !
Jan Goyvaerts
04:28 PM JWt Bug #2030: Impossible to define a custom color map for a 3D chart
The ultimate proof : Showing the color map on the chart. The surface is plain white but the color map isn't.
Jan Goyvaerts
04:24 PM JWt Support #2087 (Closed): Styling 3D chart legend
Can the legend be styled ? Currently it is a list of the names of the series. But suppose I'd like to have it a solid... Jan Goyvaerts
04:07 PM JWt Bug #2086: No API to ignore values in bar chart series
Another reason to hide "zero-value bars" is that they're making it impossible to distinguish with cases of near-zero ... Jan Goyvaerts
04:04 PM JWt Bug #2086: No API to ignore values in bar chart series
What's presumably an unwanted side effect of stacking zero-value rectangles is shown in the included video.
It looks...
Jan Goyvaerts
03:47 PM JWt Bug #2042: Invalid coloring of bars in 3D bar charts
Confirming it works.
Jan Goyvaerts

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